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Through a combination of spiritually based life skills that embrace the arts, Cheri Shanti helps you to ROCK this life fully.

You too can live with a stronger sense of self, an activated creativity, and a powerful skill set that allows access to creating the most abundant fulfilling life you can dream up!  

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It's YOUR life! How do you want to live it?

Cheri Shanti, of South Florida, is far more than a life coach.  Cheri specializes in getting her clients unstuck by activating their life mastery through one on one personal retreats, group retreats and culturally based educational travel using music, dance, and nature based programming to discover their own authentic expressions while creating sustainable futures through transitions ranging from divorce to menopause.

Are you feeling Stuck?  Do you need a Life Coach or maybe just an Adventure in a Personal Retreat?

Are you waiting to live a life filled with passion, purpose, and possibility?

Does a life filled with adventure, fun, sharing, connectivity, inspiration, tranquility, creativity, travel, self-expression, yoga, mindfulness, financial stability/sustainability and personal empowerment sound like one you’d like to be living?

Do you think you need a life coach to get you there? What if I were to invite you to think again? What if there might be a more comprehensive, more holistic and more empowering choice than putting your life in the guidance of someone who likely isn’t even living their dreams fully?  Have you ever had a one on one personal retreat?

Life changes and challenges can take down even the best of us. We have unique challenges that come from the high-stress lives we are living now. In the modern world, we all have new challenges.  We are taking on more and more responsibilities from the workplace to home.  And of course, the only constant in life is change.

Depression and a lack of passion for life are becoming increasingly common in women and men of all ages. When these issues are coupled with hormonal changes like menopause and andropause,  hormonal shifts that naturally occur in mid life, both women and men can become vulnerable to a plethora of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental challenges.

Science is discovering that the modern world is having more and more of an impact on our neurology and well being. Cell phone usage, computer time, overwork and stress are leading to an epidemic of depression and deep confusion in our world at all ages.

Depression alone takes a huge toll on the body, mind, and spirit. It lowers the immune response, affects your ability to communicate and to work, and steals the joy from life little by little.

Hormonal changes, andropause, and menopause are topics that are rarely acknowledged by the mainstream as legitimate experiences that can drastically alter the course of our lives. Menopause can turn a woman’s life completely upside down, throw her into a deep depression, affect her self-esteem and change the way she relates to life, her relationships, finance, business, and even her community.

Andropause for men can result in a decrease in testosterone and have dramatic impacts that leave many men confused and with a lowered self-esteem.  Often in these years, divorce can be a painful wakeup call that can literally rip the rug from beneath you.

Traditional life coaches use traditional life coaching skills, and often (though not always) their objective is to keep you coming back for more.  They work on goal setting, achievements, strategies, etc.  This kind of coaching, while beneficial in certain times of our lives, utilizes mainstream approaches and concepts. This tends to neglect the deeper more esoteric, non-cognitive processing that we need to move thru certain life experiences.

The objective of my work is to set you free, not to keep you trapped in the ever elusive seeking of “maybe someday.”  Nor to be hooked into a seemingly never ending marketing funnel of always having to buy the next life coaching program, book, CD or expensive training to get the “next level.”  In a personal retreat you will get hands on, one on one support, guidance and tailor made packages that are created to assist you in taking your transformation to the next level from the inside out.

There is no doubt that having someone help to hold you accountable to what you say you want is powerful, and the role of a life coach is an important one. Hiring a life coach is a powerful step into acknowledging the fact that we all need a little help to get where we want to go.  There is no substitute for a life coach that can truly deliver impactful life changing experiences to you that empower you into living the life of your dreams.

Cheri Shanti doesn’t want to be your life coach. She is, however, interested in walking with you as your ally on the path to infinite possibilities. Her passion is to help you get out of the prevalent neurosis of incessant”fixing” and into the joy of living every single day.  This happens only by accepting and honoring yourself fully and not trying to fit into anyone else’s idea of who you ought to be.  The ultimate way to work with Cheri is in a personal retreat, with exclusive intimate time to be witnessed, held and supported through your unique challenge.

Cheri’s invitation is one that is older than time: connect to nature, feel the truth of your inner essence, fall in love with who you are and give up the game of trying to be anything but exactly who and what you are. At the same time, learn and master the basics and the practical elements of life in the modern world.   Explore and understand the impacts of life’s transitions and hormonal changes on all levels, and know how to support yourself through it so you can stay sane through the process.

Learn to have compassion for yourself in this time.  And by all means, don’t buy into the stories that the world wants to tell you about who you “should” be.  Most of all, beyond any of it, know yourself, love, and honor yourself fully and trust yourself first.

In short, Cheri seeks to help you uncover the natural beauty of your authenticity and to realize that the relationship you have with yourself is the source of all your nurturance and/or all your neurosis. She also invites you to be the master of your physical domain by educating yourself in areas that can sustain you and support you in the modern world. Nature and nurture.

Cheri connects you to your natural essence and teaches you how to listen to and follow Divine guidance. This empowers you to accept full responsibility for your life while also knowing that there is a divine plan for your life that no life coach can tell you how to uncover.

Cheri uses and encourages a diverse set of modalities and approaches from open hearted sharing, to play and creativity and even periods of deeper introspection in silence.  Her work embraces the expressive arts, drumming, meditation, self-inquiry, natural living, and yoga, and is balanced with practical tools that put you in the driver seat.  In the relaxing nurturing environment of a personal retreat, you have time to delve into each of these modalities freely and focus on the ones you find the most beneficial.

These modalities, when combined correctly, offer a very holistic approach that grants access to parts of yourself that traditional life coaching can miss. This is because this kind of work/play allows you to bypass the thinking mind and thus experience yourself as a complete being. Traditional people from all over the world have used these ways for thousands of years.

As an Expressive Arts therapist, musician, dancer, drummer, and avid writer, Cheri Shanti is well versed in helping you to create a lifestyle that will help you to do the healing you need to do to find peace and become your own powerful life coach and ally.

When you choose to work with Cheri, you are embarking on a journey that takes the concept of having a life coach to a whole new level: the level of the inner realm of your own personal knowing. A path that embraces the depth and profundity of menopause, depression and the impacts of the modern world equally.

Cheri Shanti seeks to introduce you and get you fully connected to your own inner life coach. In this journey, you will learn how to effectively navigate your challenges, even depression, by learning powerful, yet simple, life skills that put you back in the director’s seat of the movie of your life. Take your personal and professional work beyond the realm of what a life coach can do for you and experience life on your own terms where you are the co-creator with Divinity willingly and joyously in every moment.

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