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My mission is to stimulate the remembrance of truth & authenticity in as many people as I possibly can and to empower people with practical life skills that help them in creating the life they truly want to be living as much as possible.  I use a large tool box for this purpose, including financial & retirement planning, personal development, arts based methodology, nature and more. 

I write about what truth and life are for me and I speak to people about how living a natural, authentic life can affect great change in their own lives as well as the lives of others. 


believe that when we get real with ourselves, then, and only then, can we accept “what is” with the warriorship and conscious awareness necessary to create effective evolutionary change in ourselves, our community and our world. I also feel strongly that with good planning and a solid strategy, we can be prepared for most of life’s challenges with a steady strong mind.

What turns me on the most is the unveiling of wild, fearless, passionate living.  Merging that with deep ancient reflective wisdom and knowledge pushes us to the edge of evolutionary growth.  In my eyes, that’s what makes a life fulfilling, phat, and extraordinary. 

In my experience, if you find and live according to what is real and true within, learn to think for yourself and love through it all, then you are cultivating a kick ass life that inspires authenticity, creativity, and grace.  

As a writer, drummer, and dancer, I have found that the expressive arts have played a huge part in my own evolution both as an individual and with community. 

I use these tools, amongst others, in my work as foundational pillars for self-development and self-realization.  It has been my experience that the expressive arts provide a unique and powerful portal that allow us liberation from the linear mind and access to Divine Consciousness.  

Nature has always been my loyal companion, my greatest confidant, and ally.  I feel that time in nature is crucial for remembering our true nature as human beings living on Planet Earth.

I believe that finding and becoming 100% authentically alive is one of the biggest gifts we can give to our world.  From what I’ve seen, Nature is the purest example of how easy and effortless it can be if we just give ourselves permission to get real & just be! 

The Original Wild & Wise Lifestyle came about at the end of a long relationship through a series of dreams about wild animals, particularly large predatory cats such as tigers and lions.  These dreams were my wake up call.  They reminded me that a part of my true nature was being repressed and that my liberation would come through exploring, acknowledging and loving all that is Wild within me as much as all that is Wise within me! 

The Original Wild & Wise Lifestyle is about facing our fears and primal natures fearlessly and with great curiosity. It is about using the ancient Wisdom of spiritual teachings as well as our own life experiences to accept, honor, cherish and love even the funkiest, dark, primal parts of our selves. 

I invite you into a lifestyle that invites you to come into service as a fully authentic being who lets love live through us!

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