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America Uprising

https://youtu.be/mcv-qA3wEis ©1999 Cheri ShantiI recorded this album over 20 years ago, and it is totally relevant for today's world. What has really changed? How can we be the change we need to see? Stand up for what's right. Regarding the…

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Start Your Day with Drumming: What is your Motto Life?

By Sylvia Ferro

How to set an intention for your day!

How to create a motto in life!

How to live a life of passion and action!

What is the perfect way to start your day?

Having been a personal trainer for 10+ years the answer I would likely provide you with would usually include something along the lines of cardio and a nutritious breakfast – until this morning! Today, my response might be revised slightly… and include the word “drumming!”

Let me explain… You see I recently relocated to Boulder, Colorado and moved in with this super dynamic crew of young women – a very creative and progressive bunch! All artists in their own way creating unique lives doing and sharing the things they believe in!

Cheri Shanti is one of these women; wild, wise and a brilliant musician! She speaks her mind, molds her life with what fuels her spirit and thrives on sharing this experience with others! Her true love  is music! In particularly, drumming!

Now I know that drumming may seem a little too “new age-y” for some. And to be quite honest until today

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Music For Community Building

Before bars, nightclubs, and techno there was the art of Making Music together as a community. Drummers, with hands on skin, played all night long with dancers sweating, singing, chanting and grooving for ceremonies, celebrations and even the “normal” days…

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The Human Connection of Music: Excerpt from Muse Power

Music has always had tremendous power to bring people together to share in the human experience.  It has been with us, evolving through time.  Singing, drumming, and dancing are enjoyed and used by all cultures as forms of prayer, celebration and bringing people together to experience and share life.

In these more traditional cultures, music has been passed down from generation to generation as a doorway for healing, community sharing, initiations, rites of passage and for the invocations or banishment of spirits to bring rain or prepare the lands for harvest, etc.  Music is inseparable from life, and entire villages and communities will participate together in the experience.

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Bringing more of the Muse into YOUR life! Tips for Inspired Creative Living!

An excerpt from Muse Power, Chapter 10
For many people, finding a place to just be able to be quiet can be very difficult, much less finding a place to sing, dance and be Museful or practice and develop a practice of music or creativity.  
Utilize what you have. Don’t wait until you have the “perfect” situation to start finding and getting acquainted with your Muses.
If you have a commute, use your drive time to sing or practice your active listening skills.  Next time it rains when you’re driving, listen for the rhythm of your windshield wipers and sing to that!  When no one else is in the car it’s a perfect time for you to play, explore, and get silly with yourself.  Sing to the car next to you, sing your trip, sing what you’re feeling, seeing, and experiencing.
Another tool for your tool box is to become more conscious of rhythms around you. Open your perceptive abilities and
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Musical migrations: Cholos in Japan

I just came across this article today.  It's such a fascinating time to see how music and culture are influencing each other around the world!  Enjoy!  Thanks to Rhythm & Roots Blog for posting this!  Visit their site at http://rhythmandroots.wordpress.com…

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