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Mentoring with a Mission

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Are you ready to live life on YOUR terms and  make your own Rules to your own Game?
Are you ready live the best life possible?  Let’s go then!  I’m ready to rock it with you!


Traditional coaching programs offer life guidance, but many people are craving a deeper path.

The Original Wild & Wise Lifestyle Design programs offer you personalized time and pertinent skills to create a life that brings magic from the mundane.

Wild & Wise Lifestyle Design & Mentorship can help you with the following and more:

  • Independence & Strong Sense of Self
  • Daily Embodiment of your Passions and Purpose
  • New Possibilities & Clarity of Perception
  • Clear, Effective & Compassionate Communication
  • Connection to Nature as a Safe Sanctuary to Recharge and Resource
  • Finding and exploring your natural ability  to Inspire Creativity
  • Community Building Skills
  • Music Making &  Expressive Arts Work
  • Self Love, Self Worth, Self Care and Self Acceptance
  • Fearless Loving & Passionate Living
  • Practical Life Skills to keep you on track
  • Manifestation and Leadership Skills

For a free 15 minute consultation, fill out the contact form and put  “Get Wild & Wise” in the subject line!

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Get Unstuck & Activate Your Mastery

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Boot Camp

There are certain times in our lives when we are not only ready for big shifts and life changes, but in need of help and support to make them!  Times of transition, break ups, divorce, job changes, mid life crises, etc. all leave us in the strange and beautiful place of being more open and receptive to making the changes we need to make to move into the fullness of a better life, but sometimes change just isn’t easy without help and support. 

I’ve been there: broken down, broken hearted, depressed and feeling like I was swimming upstream aimlessly.  What I learned in the journey, I want to share with you!     

Wild & Wise Boot Camp is an immersion experience with me.  It is an amazing and rare opportunity to have a guide, friend, ally, and sister by your side for a concentrated period of time (your choice 3 days -90 days) to assist you in moving into the next phase of your most amazing life in a powerful, creative, fun and impactful way.  

We will put together a program together with your goals and aims in mind and I will be there to hold you accountable, support you, share skills and tools with you to keep you on track, and bring some fun into the game along the way to remind you of the Magical Joy of being the Creator, Author, Actor, Director and Star of your own life! 

For more info, email me and ask about Wild & Wise Boot Camp!  This opportunity is fully customized and available only from November-March for only one individual at a time!



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Find New Confidence In Your Ability To Turn Challenges Into Opportunities


Join me in a powerful result driven strategy session to learn my 6 step journey to creating a life that you will love living every day! A life that is yours by design and that will get you back in the driver seat. I'll show you a powerful, proven way to move from feeling stuck in life, to living a life of passion, purpose and renewed enthusiasm as a real player in the game of creating your life your way!


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