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“Those who Play Together, Stay Together” 

“The Muse in all its forms comes to play when Cheri facilitates a group of like minded people, and something magical and musical happens in the community. Souls get ignited and deep bonds get forged.”   Jason Digges

Muse Power Programs are created individually for each event and can be custom designed for specific intentions or desired outcomes.

Groups and individuals report the following and much more:

  • Higher Productivity
  • Better Communication
  • More Enjoyable Work Environment
  • Deeper Apprecation and Respect for Each other

Email for a quote today for your team and see what the power of being In Rhythm Can do for your organization.

Muse Programs used Rhythm Based Experiences and practices combined with dialouge, discussion and group exploration of the relevant topics.   Drumming & Music Making require the same kind of give and take that working together requires.

Listening, responding, allowing for mistakes and communicating effectively.

Drumming is a fun and effective way to bring your group together in a unique and joyful way.

During the session, we will stop and bring to light situations as they occur to bring relevance to the play.

How we are in play is how we are in work so it allows us a safe and objective space to learn and gain compassion for ourselves and each other.

unlocks our soul and opens our hearts. We all intuitively know this,  and this knowingness allows the wisdom of the ages to flow when we come together in this ancient way of sharing songs, dances and the rhythms of life.

In Greek Mythology, they spoke of the 9 Muses as Goddesses of ingenuity and creation, patronesses of the arts and of science. In today’s world, the word is used to define a source of inspiration or a way of deeply reflecting that generates creative expression.

The Muse Power Programs offer a unique expansion to a traditional “drum circle” event in that they invite all the Muses to play.  The dancer, the poet, the singer and even the ones who wish to remain silent and just observe are considered equal participants and valued and honored equally in the experience.

Cheri has chosen a unique path with music. Traveling the world and experiencing music and culture first hand, she instantly recognized the value of the “roots” aspects of music to support healthier and stronger communities.

For more info fill out the contact form and put ‘Muse Power Programs’ in the subject line.

The Evolution of the Drum Circle Program

Drumming Builds & Sustains Community                                          

Drumming has been proven to be a highly effective way to entrain groups and is the most accessible way to introduce someone to music making for the first time. Everyone has a heart beat, and the drum provides immediate access to this shared experience. It also accesses the Wild part of us, and when combined with mindfulness opens us to the Wisdom of our primal pulse!

The drum is considered by archeologists to be the first physical instrument played by humans.  In tribal cultures, it represents the very heart beat of life: it brings the community together, sends messages across miles, brings people of all ages together in celebration, mourning and life experiences and unifies hearts, minds and spirits in a way that no other instrument truly can.

A community is healthy when it’s members are healthy, involved and active within it.  In this way, drumming keeps whole communities and even nations of people connected thru providing opportunities to share, experience togetherness, be included, particpate and be a part of something greater than themselves.

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