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Cheri Shanti Lunn 

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For over 20 years, Cheri Shanti Lunn has been creating transformational experiences for communities, corporations and individuals around the world.  Her passion for Culture, Creative Living and Community is demonstrated in everything she does and her work has inspired people all around the world.

Cheri passionately works with her clients to meet the challenges of life in innovative ways.  She is genius at providing performance improvement solutions and creative breakthroughs to bring forth superior results in their targeted areas of concern.  Her ability to help people to find their own blocks and limitations has earned her the reputation of being a leader who inspires from within.

Cheri provides Community Arts Consultations and Creative services for City Development projects, as well as customized programs and seminars for corporate clients, treatment centers, women’s groups,  and individuals.  Cheri delivers quality presentations that include motivational key note presentations, workshops, life changing immersive retreat programs, consultations and coaching. Her areas of expertise include but are not limited to

  • Community Building via Arts Based Methods

  • Personal Development and Leadership

  • Women’s Empowerment, One on One Adventure Retreats, and Life Coaching

As a speaker, Cheri has a gift of knowing how to engage her listeners as participants in the conversation thereby creating very impactful presentations that have the unique ability to foster inclusiveness, create a stronger sense of cohesion, and inspire her listeners to continue the dialogue far after her speaking engagement ends.

In addition to her work with communities and groups, Cheri is also a powerful performer.  She has written 4 books, recorded 5 CD’s of original music and has shared the stage with members of ARU, String Cheese Incident, Royel Wooten of the Flecktones, The Motet, and many others.  Cheri’s energy in the groove is contagious and inspiring and she is renowned for her ability to create a comfortable safe space for beginners and master players alike.

“The Original Wild & Wise Lifestyle: Get Real: Because Love Wants to Live You.”

Cheri is also the founder of “The Original Wild & Wise Lifestyle™” lifestyle design, coaching and retreat programs that empower individuals to maximize their personal potential through self development work, spiritual teachings, creativity, self inquiry, time in nature and expressive arts therapies.  She offers specialized women’s retreats as well as one on one mentoring and community service programs.

Cheri’s Published Works

Muse Power: Drumming & Health

Cheri is the author of the book entitled “Muse Power: How Recreational Music Making Heals Depression & Other Symptoms of Modern Culture.”  Recreational Music Making is a strongly researched and validated field. It supports that drumming and music making effectively improves immune function, provides exercise, reduces stress, and have long term therapeutic effects for body, mind and spirit.

Cheri is a Certified Health Rhythms Facilitator. Health Rhythms is a program that uses the drum circle to increase the health and vitality of participants.  Drumming and RMM have a multitude of applications including corporate communities where it has been successfully implemented to help workers combat stress, increase productivity, create better communication, and build a stronger team.

Dream it! Live it! How to Create a Masterpiece Life One Dream at a Time

An E-Book complete with a 21 Day Audio Program and 3 levels of personal life coaching available, Dream it! Live it! offers a powerful and proven method to help people find their passions and cultivate a purposeful life filled with possibilities and living their dreams!

The Breath of Cuba: One Woman’s Love Affair with the Magic, Music and Men of  Cuba

The Breath of Cuba traces a journey through the mysterious and deep world of the female psyche with a constant backdrop of music, men, and magic.  Cheri writes candidly and sensually about her experiences living in a culture that is not her own, but that quickly makes more sense to her and feels more like a home she has always wanted to have.

The Breath of Cuba is also a timely cultural snapshot of a culture at the brink of change.  The story brings the flavor of Cuba alive and celebrates it’s rich cultural heritage in a way that few other books on Cuba will because of the intimate connection Cheri created with the people through coming there as a student of their music and culture.

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To contact Cheri or for more information: go to http://www.cherishanti.com

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