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“Cheri is a magnificent embodied soul, who incites the most raucous, enlivened, and brazen ahvabeats into every heart lucky enough to find themself on a shared path!”

Ahva Lenay, Rhythm Sanctuary, CO   


Activate Your Mastery Program

“Just had my one on one with Cheri and it really propelled me in a solid direction forward. I am in a transitional period really interested in bringing more joy into my life. Lately, I have been stuck in a state of inaction but through her guidance, and with her weekly program, I have lit a bit of a fire under my ass! Especially, I liked the perspective of letting go of judgment, making myself an asset to the people in my life, and backwards planning my work and dream life for the next few months.    I was even able to lay out my finances for the next few months and I realized I am in a very good position to move forward in creating the more joyful experience I am ready for. Thanks to Cheri suggesting this tool I feel empowered. It really helped to lay out a plan. She also suggested I get really practical about my desire to gather a band together to play my music. I made a simple call and got a great response.

I like Cheri’s manner of going right to the essence of what course of action will get me to the place I want to be. Also, after years of conflict with my bosses at work Cheri has helped me form an attitude of presenting myself as an asset rather than a demanding, annoying, employee. I will approach work situations understanding more of what will help the situation. This will be a real change as I hope to improve my relationships and break the cycle of conflict.”  

Jen Dibble:  Activate Your Mastery Member 8/2017




“Cheri is an awesome teacher and coach. Her influence, guidance and direction is more than you will ever get from any book or any key note speaker. She puts 110 percent into all that she does and will leave you with a WARM WHOLE feeling in your heart every time you see her. Don’t miss out, she is one of a kind!”

Kirsten Viera, Boulder, CO



Kiana“Join Cheri Shanti to awaken & ignite your Wild & Wise feminine spirit in nature with dance, music, contemplation & celebration. Wild Woman is alive in Cheri. I’ve experienced her in her wildness; as a sister wild woman, dancing with her around the fire, dancing to the powerful steady beat of her drum & in her steadfast presence & clarity as a Wild & Wise coach. If you are feeling the call of your wild heart, do not hesitate to answer..YES!”                                                                                                      Kiana Love- Founder of Be Wild Woman

Cultivating Purpose Retreat, FL 2013

kelly“I am soooo glad that I bought your cd’s (I totally love “Raw” btw) because it totally kept the weekend going for me. Also, at work, I could feel myself acting, presenting myself, and walking so much more confidently. My voice is staying with me.  I will say this again, this past weekend has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  I truly am blessed to be a part of such a special journey with you as our guide & safety net. Thank you for opening your heart as an example that we are safe to open ours.

Kelly Ann Powers

bertelli“Cheri you rock in so many ways! I love your fearless feminine spirit. THANK YOU for being an inspiration to me and bless you for your commitment to expand your reach so that many more souls can connect with the MAGIC of rhythm and the POWER of community!” 

                                               Christina Bertelli

Wild & Wise Coaching Feedback

Wow! So much gratitude to Cheri Shanti!  Your amazing insights and clarity help me make a breakthrough realization. I’ve been standing on the edge of a dark abyss, holding tight onto my old images and fears for awhile now. Then Cheri‘s post on FB offering a free consult, then her morning’s phone call from Puerto Rico, just brought the sun rise to shine on this Beautiful Amazing Universe. Poised at the edge, I now can let go, jump and spread my wings in awe and discovery.
Thank you so much!!
”  Valiant Villanueva 


Evolution of the Drum Circle Workshop Feedback

Wild & Wise Women’s Retreat Feedback

“The Wild Woman retreat in Costa Rica was awesome.  There was so much depth in sharing in a safe female environment for the inner wisdom, joy and strength that as women we need to embrace and practice in our everyday lives and take it out into the world.”    Costa Rica Awaken the Wild Woman Within Retreat: Ani Jackson


“I feel full, wild, sexy, nurtured and alive! Thank you all for your loving energy, believing in your vision and making this all happen. I have healed a big part of myself here. I feel whole, balanced and open-hearted.”

“…epic! I felt so much shifting within the layers of my being. I felt consciousness expressing itself through me. Truly life-changing.”


“I’ve learned to create a sacred regular practice and tap into my own divine energy as well as take from the well of energy we created in this special place.”


“I take away from this retreat, ritual, intention, inspiration, devotion, commitment, gratitude and loving what is!”

“I have learned grace, beauty, wisdom and courage. Sexual expression is okay!  I can create boundaries and discernment using my intuition to protect myself.”


“I am remembering how to listen and feel my body’s wisdom. I am a primal, luscious creature of this planet, instinctual on all levels of my being. I create and dance my life on this blank canvas life journey.”


I had not picked up an instrument in years! Cheri provided a wonderful experience of expression, body, mind and soul! Thank you Cheri, you woke me up!” 

Tracy Goodman, London, England



“Cheri has a gift! She awakens in us a space of sound, vibration and authentic movement together in circle! For a birthday, celebration, rite of passage or just to remember who we are, Cheri brings it!” 


“Very supportive environment to take a risk in, even though I’ve never drummed before, I felt at ease.”  Bev, Denver


“Since our weekend together my Life has not been the same!  I know that all the love vibrations and energies that we shared have truly expanded my soul and lifted my heart into places of deeper harmony, peacefulness, quiet strength and assurance that just seems to fill my entire beingness with great joy.”
Summer OM:  Florida Wild & Wise Retreat Sept 2011



Muse Power Programs Feedback9781933983080-frontcoverforkindle

For Muse Power Book Reviews Click Here

“I feel like I can listen to music and feel the rhythm a lot more after the Muse Workshops.  Inner peace is a more reasonable concept now.”


“These workshops helped our group come closer together and  to connect on a new level.  Cheri is an amazing drummer and the way you feel after a session with her is so new and amazing.”  Marc: Western College CORE Student


“I was able to more fully realize myself as a person, to see some of my strengths and weaknesses.   The workshops definitly helped our group to open up to each other in a safe environment.”


“The Muse Experience took music making to a new level.  Instead of just drumming and music making, we were able to make it a personal connection for oneself, the group, the world around us and more.  It was beautiful.” March 2010 Western College CORE Student and TA


“I would absolutely recommend this to any group not only because it’s a blast, but also because it helps the group work together to become one unit. I feel very strongly about how this helped our group to connect.” Sarah Franklin, March 2010 Weston, Western College CORE Student


“Cheri’s ability to effectively and seamlessly facilitate groups while playing music, teaching deeper truths and emanating joyful creative expression is a model to live by. I am amazed at her effortlessness in this natural way of being.”  Carol Una Ma, Santa Cruz, CA

This workshop has helped me to remember on a deeper level, to be clear in my communication and to be more creative in my expressions. It has affected every piece of my daily life and given me the tools to manifest a higher way of being. Thank you.   Lyne Lantel, Denver, CO



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